Helping your little ones to know and love their vegetables!

SEE & EAT books each show a different vegetable’s journey from farm-to-fork. You can read the ebooks on a smartphone or tablet and, if you wish, personalise them with your child.

Or you can buy printed copies of the books to look at with your child.

Looking at a SEE & EAT book or ebook for a few minutes a day for a couple of weeks can make all the difference when the vegetable appears on your child’s plate! Or check out the activities page for more fun ways to help your child to know and love their greens!

How do See & Eat books work?

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Parents' experience of See & Eat


“… my child enjoyed exploring the vegetable we were reading about while reading the ebook, which enhanced his willingness to try the vegetable during a meal straight afterwards. I am looking forward to reading more of the ebooks with him.”

- Amber


“I have been reading the ebooks with both of my children. Like many toddlers, they aren't terribly keen on vegetables, particularly green ones. My eldest (about 3 years old at the time) enjoyed looking at the Spinach ebook, particularly when we added a few pictures of her helping us in the kitchen. She eventually decided to taste some raw spinach and, months later, still likes to eat it as a salad. We've downloaded most of the other e-books and we're planning to incorporate them into our activities at home to help the kids familiarise with a range of vegetables they aren't eating yet.”

- Anna


 “I really like the different resources on the See&Eat website. Clear, evidence-based, and nicely presented. The editable ebooks are excellent to help young children familiarise with a range of vegetables, and the tips are also really useful. I will probably go back to this website as the kids grow to explore new resources and activities to try at home.”

- Anna


“My son has never liked tomatoes, so we chose the tomato book. Before we looked at the ebook he wouldn’t even put them near his mouth, but once we’d looked at the ebook he recognised what they were and would ask to try tomatoes.”

- Nicola


“The book was so easy to edit. My daughter really enjoyed seeing the pictures of herself with the vegetables during the story. She loved hearing our voices when we moved to the next page.”

- Katie


“My children were both quite good when they were babies and being weaned, and then they just went off vegetables and wouldn’t eat them …so we tried the books and they took to peppers quite well with the pepper book.”

- Tracy